The oldest and most famous herbal liqueur in Croatia, is produced by a traditional maceration process with medicinal herbs, and among them dominates wormwood which should be submerged in the base liquid and after that, it has to stay sometime in wooden barrels. It is recognizable by the specific bitter flavor of the wormwood in optimum harmony with aromatic herbs. It is great as an aperitif or digestif as well as in combination with other drinks. Since ancient times, people have long been used it as a cure for stomach problems.



Garden angelica – Angelica archongelica, Anise – Pimpinella anisum, Blueberry – Vaccinium myrtillus, Juniper – Juniperus communis, Calamus – Acorus calamus, Mountain Germander– Teucrium montanum, Hyssop–Hyssopus officinalis, Forest strawberry– Fragaria vesca, Sage – Salvia officinalis, Common centaury – Centarium umbellatum Gillb, Fennel – Foeniculum vulgare Mill, Coriander – Coriandrum sativum, Breckland thyme – Thymus serpyllum, Lemon balm – Melissa officinalis, Marjoram – Majorana hortensis Moench, Peppermint– Mentha piperita, Pot marigold– Calendula officinalis, Elecampane – Inula helenium, Rosemary– Rosmarinus officinalis, Wormwood – Artemisio obsinthium